Build a clean energy system of the future with the Hydrogen Hub Noord Holland.  

Within the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam, the hydrogen ecosystem comes together. The North Sea Canal Area is a part of the MRA, which is a dynamic environment. With this area, the MRA is a part of the Hydrogen Hub Noord-Holland, designated as one of the Hydrogen Valleys within Europe. We are located next to the North Sea which makes it possible to have large-scale landing and import of electricity and hydrogen can take place.  The region is connected to the hydrogen backbone, and a part of the national and European hydrogen system. Therefore, the Metropolitan Region is ideally positioned to be an acceleration region in the European transition to hydrogen. It is possible.

 The MRA houses the steel industry in IJmond and the food industry in the Zaan region. Furthermore, the Port of Amsterdam and Schiphol are also a part of the MRA. The presence of industry, a port, an airport, and cities indicate the importance of collaboration in order to realize a successful energy transition within these value chains. The MRA aims to become the greenest industry-region. Within the MRA, import, landing, production, storage, transport are all parts of the hydrogen chain that can take place in our region.