Circular Economy

Be a frontrunner in finding smart solutions for realizing a circular economy.

 The Metropolitan Region Amsterdam, like the rest of the world, faces the challenges of using resources more efficiently. The increase of consumption of materials and the rise in production of waste is leading to growing scarcity of some key resources, external sources dependency and environmental degradation.

Therefore, the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam  developed in 2015 the MRA Circular Economy Strategy 2021-2026, in close cooperation with businesses, knowledge institutes and organizations. Our ambition for 2040 is to be worldwide frontrunner in finding smart solutions for the limited availability of resources through redesign and the closing of energy, water and material loops.

To achieve this, the MRA is focusing on 5 priorities: a green tax system, sustainable construction,  textile,  plastics and urban waste,

Some examples of circular economy initiatives are:

  • The Practice and innovation center for Circular Economy PRICE focuses on practical solutions for a circular living environment.
  • The North Sea Commission resolution Towards a Circular Economy, in which we call for shifting the tax from labor to pollution  and the use of  (virgin) raw materials).
  • Textiles2Textiles as part of the Dutch Circular Textile Valley (DCCT) for sustainable fashion and textile industry
  • Agreement on future-Proof Housing Development and the Green Deal Wood for sustainable and affordable housing